Connect with Industry Leaders, Business Owners + Entrepreneurs NATIONALLY through our curated Virtual Speed Networking Events!

These virtual events are different from the rest of them! It is fast, fun and an effective way to make QUALITY connections. Each attendee will connect with a new executive every 5/6 minutes.
Develop Quality Business Relationships & Referrals
Meet like - minded individuals in a short period of time
Apply Visibility, Credibility and Profitability to your business
This is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with like-minded individuals outside of your community.

Connections are endless!

Borders are no longer stopping you from making connections with business owners from across the country.

Virtual Speed Networking Events are hosted Weekly to accommodate your time zone!

It’s simple, log on on the event date, jump on the Speed networking platform and start networking! 
Each executive has about 6-7 minutes to network one on one. 
After your 6-7 minutes is up, you move to your next connection!
Meet anywhere from 30-50 business owners in under an hour. 
Then come back the following week and make new connections.
Trusted by 2500+ Businesses

Since 1997 we've served business owners & entrepreneurs

What our Members say about us...
What our Members say about us....
  • Michelle Ferrise, Director of Pro Group Management

    I have been a member since 2004 and would recommend SR to any business owner that wants to network and meet other executives in our community, Clair was great, and Mary Grace ran most of the daily activities and networking events smoothly, and she continues to do as good or better as the owner of this organization now. We host 2 events a year ourselves and have built more relationships and accounts from these venues. Good job Mary Grace and thank you for your recent assistance in our activities. Look forward to our next "Real" Mixer in the fall!

  • Brian Alexander, Serial Entrepreneur

    I have been with SR over 10 years. Mary Grace has a passion for people and success. My passion is technology and success so me and Mary Grace will always be good.  Social Register isn't for everybody......has been for me for over a decade and can't wait to get to my 15 year anniversary with SR. I don't do reviews often......this one is a must!

  • Kim Snyder, CEO of Online Marketing in a Box

    I have had the pleasure of being a member of SRfor the last 10 years. I have enjoyed working with Clair and MaryGrace during that time and MaryGrace now that she is the CEO. I enjoy SR quality events and programming; they are unique venues and high quality. I have met other business owners here that I do not meet anywhere else. We have gained business directly from our membership at SR, and strong business connections. I highly recommend this group for professional service business owners and executives.

A Premier Business Networking Organization

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