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Providing the guidance and legal representation people need on their journey from injury to recovery.

About Paul Padda Law Firm

People who have been injured due to the negligence of others seek full recovery, physically, emotionally and financially. They want to put their lives back in order. They want to know that they have an advocate who will be there with them, to help them navigate large impersonal insurance, legal and medical establishments. They want an attorney who is there, who will answer their calls, who will give their case the personal attention it deserves.

Paul Padda Law is there for you whether you’ve been injured in an auto accident, another type of accident, through employment discrimination or are in fear of deportation. Personal injury, employment law and immigration law are our specialties.

Our concierge’s case management service provides hands on engagement with you, connecting you and guiding and monitoring the service process with the best medical providers, auto repair shops and other specialist services you require to document your case and help you along the road to recovery.

And, of course, we provide the kind of fierce legal representation you need in order to achieve the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries. This is the mission and vision of our founder, former prosecutor Paul Padda and the entire team at Paul Padda Law. We recently won one of the largest personal injury settlements in Nevada history, $160 million.

If you’re injured and seeking the personal attention of a powerful advocate toward your recovery physically, emotionally and financially, better call Paul!

Paul Padda, Esq. Owner

Paul Padda’s guiding values have been hard work, treating others with respect and the belief that justice is an inherent right of every individual. Born in Ithaca, New York, Paul later received his education at London School of Economics, University of Illinois College of Law, Oxford University and University of Chicago. He has served in Washington D.C. as a litigator with the Department of Justice and as Assistant U.S. Attorney litigating civil and criminal cases. In 2011 Mr. Padda formed the Paul Padda Law Firm in Las Vegas to assist individuals and businesses in vindicating their legal rights.

Patty Davidson, Chief Operations Officer

Patricia (“Patty”) Davidson is the organizational guiding force behind Paul Padda Law. She has assembled, manages and equips a highly talented, motivated team of firm administrators and case managers dedicated to giving clients the personal attention and guidance they need to navigate their journey from injury to recovery. With experience in the legal software industry, law firm accounting and human resources management, over her 25 years in Las Vegas Patty has been actively involved with the Clark County Bar Association, the State Bar of Nevada and the Nevada chapter of the Human Rights Campaign.

David Smith, Director of Marketing and Communications

David Smith is first and foremost a communicator who believes that an organization operates at its highest and best when it describes its business as a “calling.  In his role at Paul Padda Law, David communicates the firm’s guiding principles, which include helping clients successfully navigate the journey from injury to recovery, through public outreach and engagement.  David began his career as a pastor, then a marketing strategist, copywriter and public speaker. He has harnessed the marketing potential of every team member of the organizations in places he has lived and worked including Oregon, New York, Connecticut and Las Vegas.

Concierge’s Case Management Services

Hand’s on help connecting and communicating with medical providers, auto repair and other services necessary to your most successful settlement.

Fierce Legal Representation

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